The Roberts

“impressive … haunting … packs an emotion and intellectual punch”
— SF Site
“a breezy read with a terrific ending”
— Handee Books


The Healer

“original, surreal and extraordinary…a haunting literary novel”
— Publishers Weekly
“beautiful evocative prose…the story has the resonance of a modern fable”
— Booklist
“one of science fiction’s most piercing literary talents”
— San Francisco Chronicle
“a dramatic tale … thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking”
— Journal of the American Medical Association
“beautifully written with a powerful message”
— Science Fiction Chronicle
“a disturbing, beautiful, unforgettable novel”
— Kim Stanley Robinson
“quietly told and passionately written…a book of real and rare originality”
— Ursula K. Le Guin


“Blumlein is one of the most important, original and challenging writers working in SF or horror today”
— Science Fiction Eye
“lurid exploration of gender identity”
— Publishers Weekly
“a unique take on the battle of the sexes”
— San Francisco Chronicle
“chilling … defies rational explanation … horrifying indeed”
— Locus

The Movement of Mountains

“a talent that bears watching”
— Publishers Weekly
“a brilliant debut…one of the best books of the year”
— The Washington Post
“an odd, eccentric and compelling book … a true original”
— London Sunday Times
“a profoundly moving tale”
— Locus Online
“a marvelous first novel … Blumlein is already an important writer”
— F&SF