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THE BRAINS OF RATS, the award-winning collection, now in a new edition from Valancourt Press



What the Doctor Ordered, by Michael Blumlein

Blumlein’s newest collection

“Emerging from Blumlein’s new book is like being born all over again.” –– Locus Online

Praise for Stories from WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED

Know How, Can Do
“dazzling, breathtaking, brilliant…as though someone gave James Joyce a two-line summary of “Flowers for Algernon” and told him to write a story”
–– Robert Silverberg
“shrewdly and poignantly questions what it means to be human – definitely a best of ‘The Year’s Best’”
–– Interzone
Paul and Me
“a remarkable story…gentle, sensitive…gets under our skin as the best fiction does”
–– Locus
“a standout”
–– Starlog
Fidelity: A Primer
–– Tangent Online on “Fidelity: A Primer”
The Roberts
“packs an emotional and intellectual punch…haunting”
–– SF Site
Twenty-two and You
–– Locus Online
Bird Walks in New England
–– Locus Online