Audio Files

Introduction | Risa Blumlein, daughter
Welcome | Catherine Strauss, sister
Longer | a staged reading by Tony Ortega, nephew
Interlude no. 1 | Risa Blumlein
Reflections on a Medical Professional | Susan Rosen, MD, UCSF colleague
Interlude no. 2 | Risa Blumlein
High School Memories | Lick-Wilmerding Alumni, 1966 classmates
High School Memories | Lick-Wilmerding Alumni, 1999 students
Interlude no. 3 | Risa Blumlein
Prelude | Dan Goldensohn, friend
Rock and Roll | original song by Dan Goldensohn, friend
Reflections on a 68-year Brotherhood | Steven Blumlein, brother
Interlude no. 4 | Risa Blumlein
Mount Thoreau Gang | Laurie Glover, friend
Mount Thoreau Gang | Darryl Devinney, friend
Otzi Crosses Over | Kim Stanley Robinson, friend
Interlude no. 5 | Risa Blumlein
A Life-Long Small Bookstore Supporter | Jude Feldman, colleague
Interlude no. 6 | Risa Blumlein
On Mentorship | Lucas Bartholomew-Good, mentee
Interlude no. 7 | Risa Blumlein
Song Introduction | Dan Goldensohn, friend
Lost in the Stars | performed by Dan Goldensohn (guitar) and Carter Scholz (piano), friends