What the Doctor Ordered
Table of Contents
“Emerging from Blumlein’s new book is like being born all over again.”


What the Doctor Ordered, by Michael Blumlein

The Brains of Rats, a Collection
Table of Contents
“a true original with a daringly different artistic vision”
–– San Francisco Chronicle
“a master in the making”
–– LA Weekly
“Blumlein has an exceptional vision and he conveys it with exceptional talent…a gourmet feast of conceptual originality…one of the best science fiction/horror collections to appear in years “
–– The Washington Post
“signals the appearance of a major talent on the horror scene”
–– Publishers Weekly


1997, Dell Press 1990, SCREAM/PRESS

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Oct/Nov, 2016
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Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, Nov/Dec, 2013
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Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, March, 2012
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The Brains of Rats, SCREAM/PRESS, 1990; Dell Press, 1997
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The Brains of Rats, SCREAM/PRESS, 1990; Dell Press, 1997
Dark Love, Collins, Kramer and Greenberg, editors, Roc Books, 1995
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New Pathways #10, March, 1988
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Mississippi Review 47/48, Vol. 16, Numbers 2 & 3, 1988
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Processed World, Fall, 1987
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Interzone #16, 1986
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Interzone #7, 1984